Ear Specialty Services


  • Video otoscope examination
  • Deep ear flushing
  • Myringotomy
  • Cytology
  • Bacterial and fungal culture
  • Laser Surgery
  • Ear Mass Removal

Why a Video Otoscope is Important:

With any ear infection the goal of an ear exam is to visualize the entire ear canal and ear drum to see if there are any masses, swellings, plant material or other abnormalities. New technology has lead to the development of the video otoscope. The video otoscope is an otoscope that has a fiberoptic camera to permit magnified viewing of the ear canal on a large monitor screen. The video otoscope also has chambers to pass tubes that allow us to flush out debris and insert a laser to remove proliferative tissue or a mass.

The video otoscope also permits us to show you what is going on in the ear as well. Since it provides a magnified view that is projected on the monitor, often we can show you pictures both before and after we examine or flush your pet’s ear.

How does the video otoscope aid in the treatment of your pet’s ear infection?

Often times if an ear infection has been present or frequently recurring it is because the infection has reached the middle ear. The magnified view can aid us in evaluating a portion of the middle ear canal as well. The video otoscope also allows us obtain deeper samples of debris to evaluate your pet’s ear infection at the level of the middle ear as the infection can be different at the surface than it is in the middle ear.